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18.-21.06.2012 | Kaliningrad | Russia

New line of cooperation between Polish, German and Russian schools started thanks to Co2olBricks

Thank to Meeting of the Educational Group for Youths in December 2011 and Workshop in Gdansk on 12 - 14 April 2012,  participating schools got the opportunity to begin new line of communication and collaboration. Co2olBricks project event gave a lot of experiences for the school teachers, students and schools managements.

School officials decided to continue bilateral collaboration and thanks to them, in June 2012 Emil Krause Gymnasium from Hamburg-Barmbek strengthen their cooperation with polish School of Engineering and Environment by signing a formal agreement. Together with another ones signed between Kaliningrad State College of Urban Development, School of Engineering and Environment and European Fundation for Monuments Protection in Gdansk at January 2012, they provide a strong foundation to build new relationships and projects.

The results of enhanced co-operation was not long to wait. From 18 – 21 June, youths and teachers from School of Engineering and Environment went on trip to their partner in Kaliningrad., coordinated by European Foundation for Monuments Protection and co-financed as a part of Co2olBricks project. Young people took part in Workshop of Educational Group for Youths, which included activities such like presentation of historic brick buildings in Kaliningrad, analysis and research on water from Kuronski Lagoon and River Pregola and discussion panel titled “Environmental problems related to climate change in the border areas of the Baltic Sea”.

Important part of the trip was voluntary work on the ruins of Brandenburg Castle form 1263 in Uszakowo. School students were cleaning the site of the historic building. They took part in this task with great involvement and it gave them a lot of satisfaction.

Young peoples were very grateful about the trip which was grate opportunity for making new friends, see beautiful examples of brick heritage in Russia and get practice knowledge on workshops.

Next Meeting of The Educational Group for Youths will take place in Hamburg in October 2012.

Brandenburg Castle (source: European Fundation for Monuments Protection)